Ray Weaver resides in the Calls Community at the edge of Coffee and Franklin Counties. His farm is diversified in that he and his family produce, raise and sell retail pork and beef, and raise row crops, vegetables and grapes. In addition to serving as the TACD Past President and NACD Board member, he also currently serves as the Chairman of the Coffee County Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors and the chairman of the CFW Animal Waste Utilization Association. He is a past president and director of the Coffee County Farm Bureau, past chairman and member of the Coffee Farmer’s Cooperative, and is a past president and continues on the board of the Tennessee Pork Producers Association. Ray is married to Elaine Finney Weaver. They have two sons, John, his wife Ella and two sons, Bramblett and Huck; and Jamie, his wife Ashley, and their children Sarah, Elliott and Grady.

Some awards Ray has received, includes:

Tennessee Pork All American

Coffee County Young Farmer

Coffee County Rotary Farmer

Tennessee Resource Valley Test Demonstration Farm - 1980

Coffee Cty SCD Conservation Farmer